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"The invaluable service provided by Golden Age Reprints must not be underestimated. Comic books of historic importance are now available to serious collectors at a fraction of the cost charged by dealers and/or comic stores. In my case, a lifelong dream came true when I discovered their vast selection of superhero titles, and this genre is just a small sample of what is available. I had to wait 50 years since becoming infatuated with comics of the 1940s to build a collection of my favorites, and I didn't have to mortgage my home to do it!" ~ Mick Martin, author of The DVD & Video Guide

"You can read free scans of virtually every old comic online, but nothing beats holding a book in your hands. What is so great about Golden Age Reprints is that they reprint the amazing works of the lesser, funkier comic book companies that I love so well, in affordable soft-cover editions, which can be bought as facsimiles of entire single comics or as collections of a run of issues. One of their strengths is the large number of titles and issues they offer, from the fairly well known to the extremely obscure. The quality of the reproduction depends on the condition of the original issue UP have been able to lay their hands on. In most cases the standard is good." ~ Phil Suggitt, Ware, Hertfordshire, UK.

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